How selling your story works

First we need an outline of your story explaining what happened and when. You can chose to email us or talk to Kelly on the phone, which ever you prefer.

Remember at this stage you are not committing to tell your story, simply finding out what we can offer you.

Once we know more we are ready to start talking to editors on your behalf.
At this stage it also helps to see some pictures of the people in involved - in our experience this will help us secure you the best fee.

If you have a particular publication in mind, tell us and we'll do our best to arrange that for you. The stronger your story the more likely you'll be able to pick and choose where you appear.

Offers from interested magazines will come back over the next 24 hours.
Once we have all the offers we'll talk you through them and help you decide where to appear. You'll be offered our expert opinion but the final decision is yours.

Next we'll arrange your interview on the telephone and a convienient time for pictures to be taken. The story will be read back to you if you request and you'll be given the date it will appear.

Four to six weeks after publication your payment will arrive direct from the magazine or newspaper.

We don't take a penny. The magazines and papers pay us seperatly for our service to them.

If you want to appear in another publication in the UK or abroad, be on TV, or radio just let us know and we'll arrange it for you. You'll earn another great fee and in most cases we can use the pictures and words we already have.

Your Published Stories

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Three great sstories out this week!

Photo-Feaures have three great real life stories out in top selling national magazines this week! It you have a story to sell contact us NOW!

Poppi-Mai marries her heart broken father

Pleased to be able to help with as much fundraising as possible for the brave beautiful Poppy-Mai.

Beef curry slimmer out in the Mirror today

Great spread out in the Mirror about slimmer Nicole Simpson who piled on 6 stone after craving beef curry during her pregnancy.

Leap year proposal

Love our proposal ladies in The Sun today - good luck Dana and Sophie - hope you both get a YES!