Lost 7 stone so daughter could hug me

Article "Lost 7 stone so daughter could hug me" appeared in the March 2016 edition of Mail Online.
Obese mum-of-three who was so ashamed of gaining weight that she cut the size 22 labels off her clothes is left unrecognisable after losing SEVEN STONE

A mother-of-three reveals how she lost seven stone so her daughter could hug her properly for the first time.
Katy Gill, 34, from Liverpool, ballooned to 17st 7lb after having children but was finally prompted to address her size 22 frame when she realised that her 10-year-old daughter couldn't get her arms around her.

It was the wake up call she needed after being in denial that her comfort eating was spiralling out of control - and even cutting the labels from her size 22 clothes so she wouldn't have to face facts.

She said: 'Nothing feels better than a hug from your baby. It makes all the hard work worth it.
'I love it that Molly and her brother and sister can cuddle me properly now but I also love being able to run around after them in the park without getting out of breath.'
Katy's weight began to spiral when she started working nights as a 999 operator.

She said: 'There was always cakes and sweets around. I thought I needed the sugar to get through the night.'
After Molly was born in August 2005 she snacked constantly on crisps and biscuits and grew even bigger.

It was the same after Olivia arrived in May 2009. And she turned to food again after the death of her father just three months later.

She said: 'I would buy a pack of four cream cakes and eat the lot in the car before going home.'
She would also gorge on takeaway meals and chocolate. She peaked at 17st 7lb and though a size 22 was in denial about her weight by cutting out all of the labels in her clothes.

But one day Molly complained that she couldn't give her mummy a real hug, leaving Katy distraught.
She said: 'Kids tell the truth and I knew I had been fooling myself. It didn't matter if I cut the labels out I was still fat.'

She'd heard about the Cambridge Weight Plan through friends and decided to take drastic action. In January 2012 she started the plan dumping all meals for shakes and soups.
In three months she had lost three stone. But in April 2012 she found out she was pregnant again and had to stop the diet.

But she swore not to give up and returned to the plan after son Joseph was born in November 2012.
In April 2013 she started the plan again and lost four stone in four months.

She joined a gym and started running too and by the following year Molly could get her arms around her mother for the first time ever.

Katy said: ' It was still squeeze but she managed it and we were all delighted.'

Last year she came off the Cambridge Weight Plan and began eating healthy food and exercising regularly.
She now weighs 10 st 7lb. Molly is now 10 and Olivia, six, and Joseph, three.

Now she's even trained as a Cambridge Weight Plan consultant to support other slimmers and she posts pictures of her transformation to inspire others.

She said: ' I don't have to cut the labels out any more and Molly finds it even easier to hug me. Even Olivia and Joseph can get their arms around me now.

'Feeling their arms around me together is the best gift in the world.']]>