Boobjob cured my depression

Article "Boobjob cured my depression" appeared in the April 2014 edition of Mail Online.
A WOMAN who suffered with chronic depression for 20 years has told how she was cured overnight – thanks to breast surgery.
Mother of two Jill Walker, 43, says the illness that had affected most of her adult life lifted as soon as she came back from theatre after having implants fitted.
She says losing all her breast tissue during her second pregnancy triggered low self -confidence and body loathing, which meant she hated her appearance.
But having been turned down for surgery on the NHS, Ms Walker had consigned herself to a lifetime of depression.
But her life changed when she was made redundant from her job after 17 years of service as a traffic warden for the Met Police Service.
Just 12 days after receiving her redundancy package she had an operation to boost her chest from a 32A to a 32E.
She says: ' I think I was the only one jumping for joy when the job losses were announced because I knew it meant I could finally afford surgery.
'I enjoyed my job but I was over the moon to be made redundant because I knew I being able to afford surgery would change my life and it did.
'Before the operation all I thought about was my flat chest and how odd and masculine I looked and felt with no breast tissue.
'As soon as I came round from surgery those feelings were gone. My depression lifted. The surgery cured me.
'People are quick to judge those who have surgery but the change in me has affected not only my life, but also those around me to.
'I finally feel free of the condition that defined me for too many years. I am happy and confident at last. The old Jill is back.'
Jill, from London, lost confidence in her body after giving birth to daughter Robyn, 22 and son Alex, 20.
The former ballet dancer said her chest ballooned from a 32 C to a 34E when she was expecting.
But soon after delivery her bust withered away.
She explains: ' They shrank to practically nothing. I was left with small envelopes of skin with nipples. There was literally no breast tissue left.
'Having been used to having a bust I felt ridiculous. I absolutely despised the way my chest looked so flat and boyish.
'My shoulder blades were more prominent than my breasts.'
A year after her son was born Ms Walker separated from his father.
She says: ' My confidence was already low but being single again was awful because I had no self-confidence at all.
'I knew the root cause of it all was how I felt about my chest but there was nothing I could do.'
Her confidence crisis was compounded when she learned a new partner had been cheating on her with several fuller breasted women.
She says: ' I felt less of a woman already but this just made it even worse.
'The fact they were all big busted women he had cheated with proved to me that I was inadequate in some way.
'I knew I would never feel happy again without surgery to restore my bust but there was no way I could afford it with small children.'
Jill eventually sought help from her GP but was turned down for breast surgery on the NHS because she did not meet criteria.
She says: ' I was disappointed because it was affecting my life so negatively. It was the first thing I thought about in the morning and remained on my mind all day.
'I hated socializing, had no confidence and clothes looked awful on me.'
When she met her fiancé paramedic Ashley Tinham, 46, 12 years ago Jill made it clear her breasts were out of reach.
She explains: ' I always wore a shirt in bed and bathed with the door shut. I just didn't want him to see my chest.'
Cosmetic surgery was she knew the only real solution, but financially out of reach – until she was made redundant.
She says: ' As soon as I heard the news I jumped for joy because I knew I was going to be able to have the operation at last.
'I was over the moon. Redundancy was the best thing that ever happened to me.'
Just 12 days after receiving her payment Jill was having surgery with Transform.
She says: ' It sounds quick but it was not a quick decision. I had been researching it for 15 years.
'I couldn't wait another day.'
The operation cost £3600 but for Jill the results have been priceless.
'I feel like me again. It was that simple. The anxiety and stress I felt non-stop left me as soon as I had it done.
'I was happy again for the first time in years.'
She suffered with capsular contraction, which is a common complaint after breast surgery, and needed her left implant replaced last year, but Jill has remained delighted with the results.
Jill who now works in a textile factory said:
'The surgeon was fantastic and the care and service I received was amazing. I can honestly say cosmetic surgery cured my depression and I have never been happier.'
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