I'm all white mum

Article "I'm all white mum" appeared in the May 2013 edition of Daily Mail.
I feel a little sheepish! Unusual white Highland calf is born on a Norfolk farm... but he looks more like a LAMB


They might well be family, but there's definitely no resemblance here.

Two distinctive brown Highland cows have produced a calf that looks more like a lamb.


The incredibly rare all white Highland calf is the result of an astonishing genetic throwback.


A sibling born the same night bears the same distinctive long shaggy brown hair as its parents, typical of the breed which is one of Britain's oldest.

But two-week-old Snowy was born with a pure white coat.


Stunned Farmer Fred Sharman initially mistook the calf for a crumpled white plastic bag – until it stood up.


The breeder, 53, who runs Manor Farm in Norfolk with his partner Sue said:

'I got the shock of my life. A retired farm hand told me some calves had been born overnight. I was expecting brown calves so when I saw a little white ball in the field I thought someone had dropped some rubbish.


'It looked like a crumpled up old supermarket bag. I went towards it to pick it up to put it in the bin. That's when it stood up and I saw it had legs. You could have knocked me down with a feather.'


Mr Sharman, whose family has been breeding cattle in Norfolk since the 1860s, said he believed the rare white coat was the result of a recessive gene.


'He's definitely not an albino because he hasn't got red eyes. I've looked into it and the only explanation is a fluke gene. He's a genetic throwback. The odds are one in 1000.'


Mr Sharman breeds the Highlands as a hobby and plans to keep snowy for future breeding.


'He's causing quite a stir with passersby because at first glance he looks like a lamb that's got into the wrong field.


'Grazing with the rest of his family he stands out a mile. Locals have stopped to take pictures it's such a sight but they don't seem to mind him being different.'