Let's BEE having you!

Article "Let's BEE having you!" appeared in the April 2015 edition of Mail Online.
Pizza delivery box becomes a hive of activity after thousands of bees swarm in London causing panic.
A PIZZA delivery driver was shocked when his moped suddenly became a hive of activity this afternoon.
Thousands of insects swarmed to the box which was not carrying pizza at the time after mistaking it for a hive.
The delivery bike was parked outside the pizza restaurant when the swarm came sending pedestrians and motorists into a panic.
The terrifying incident took place this afternoon in Fulham, South London.
One pedestrian tried to bat the swarm away with his umbrella and newspaper while a local policeman stood on bemused.
He told a passing motorist who stopped to take these photographs: 'There's not really a lot I can do here,' after stopping to inspect the make shift hive.
The motorist said: ' I've never seen anything like it. They came from nowhere, suddenly there was thousands of them.
'The pizza box was about the same size and shape as a hive so I assumed they'd made a mistake and were trying to set up home.
'Everyone was batting them off and shaking their heads to try and get them out of their hair and running away, all the shops shut their doors.
'It caused quite a stir and the buzzing deafening.'