I got my baby hooked on HEROIN

Thank you Kelly, you've been absolutely amazing every step of the way x
Corraine Casey

New eyebrows changed my life

Hi Kelly!

The feedback from the article has been just brilliant & very positive! A lot of people have wrote to me and commented how great the petition is, along with it being re tweeted & shared loads, even by Katie Piper, the story has gone as far as Brazil!

Hope you are well & got positive feedback for your great work too.

Best wishes,

Brenda Finn

Husband and wife compete to lose weight

Hi Kelly, we were both delighted with the story in the Mirror and can't thank you enough.
Bryan and Leanne Stevens

Superhero Henry Allen

Mark and I would like express how thrilled we are with the article. IT's beautiful and everyone has been sharing it - thank you xxx

Dawn Allen

Exercise mum

Photo-Features were fantastic to work with, professional, friendly and really put me at ease in the unknown world of the media - thank you for everything, you really got my message out there. X
Jordan Cruttenden

I beat my ice phobia on the This Morning show!

Thank you so much Kelly, I couldn't have done it with out you, your an angel X
Wendy Wiffin

Baby lives after 1% chance

Thank you so much for sharing our story. It has been written with such warmth and compassion.
It was a heartbreaking time for us and our family and I hope this story can give hope to anyone going through a similar situation as us. We clung on to every positive story to help us get through and I hope this story can do the same.

Thank you Kelly for writing our story. X
Natalie Brown

Husband ran of with my best friend

Thank you so much for everything Kelly! Without your support and help I would of never had the courage to do tell the world my story!

You've been absoultly amazing and I apprishate the hard work you've put in to get me where I am xx

Roxanne Monaghan

Boob Job cured my depression

Kelly, I love the story. It's very tasteful. Thanks xx
Jill Walker

Baby born addicted to heroin

Thank you Kelly, you have been amazing. Georgia and I loved being on Good Morning Britain, if any other TV shows want us we would love to go on.
Corraine Casey

Kissing a snake charmer

Thanks Kelly it looks great and a lot bigger than what I thought it would be xx
Sophie Birch

Sugar plump fairy

Hi Kelly,

Brilliant story, thanks so much for everything you were first class xx
Tiffany Broadfoot

Beer gave me boobs

Thank you so much for getting my story across, it looked great. I couldn't have asked for any more. It get's the message across just how I wanted it. So pleased ;-)
Lee Johnston

Ice Baby

Kelly, It's an amazing article and just wanted to thank you so much. I would love to see how far we can take this, your a fantastic writer xxxxxx
Nicky Symmonds

So fat I stopped breathing

Amazing feature, your a star Kelly, I appreciate you backing me the whole way, you guys are amazing, and I'm really thankful. Thank you very much.
Kayes Uddin

Infertile after unprotected sex

It looks great and thank you Kelly for all your help so far x
Jody Watson


Yes,  It does look good and that's what I wanted to do. Make people aware of this awful scam. Thank You.
Lori Martorana

Why my fella's a SUPERDAD

WooHoo it's in Chat magazine, the article is brilliant and I got quite emotional reading it. Thanks once again :)
Julie Miller

Weight loss after cruel taunts

Would like to thank Kelly Strange a big thank you for helping me out with my Take A Break magazine, it's great thank you so much  xx

Shauna Mattinson
Shauna Mattinson

Looking young ruined my life

Photo-Features have been so helpful to me. From the moment of contact they have taken all the stress out of the process. Kelly was always at the end of the phone to answer any queries I had. I would recommend Photo-Features to anyone wanting to tell their story. Thanks guys.

Anne Bolton
Anne Bolton

My baby wasn't lazy

Hi Kelly

I need to say thank you again for all your help getting it out there, I know I had a rocky start because I didn't know what I was doing but I got there.  So thanks again and talk soon xx

Lucy Copland

I piled on the pounds eating for two

Hi Kelly

Thank you so much, just seen it in the Sun and it looks amazing !!!!


Great to get coverage on Day Break

Moments after coming off air following a live interview with Lorraine Kelly on Daybreak, our client Marrie-Claire McCormick thanked us for making it possible for her to tell her story on television. After her son Kaiden died from the coldsore virus, Marrie-Claire has been desperately trying to raise awareness to save other lives. Since giving her our support her story has appeared in Take A Break, The Sun, Daily Mail and Daybreak.

Twin Survival

Hi Kelly,
That's absolutely fabulous thank you!!  just hope it gets some coverage for World Prematurity Day!
Thank you for all your help! xx

Dieted to rid my muffin top

Hi Kelly

Just read my story in that's life magazine and wanted to say thank you for doing an amazing job on writing it and displaying photos! I'm really proud of it!

If any other publication would like to run it then they are more than welcome!

Hope to hear from you soon

Claire Meade

Sue on This Morning

We had an absolutely fantastic day meeting Eamon Holmes and Ruth Langford on This Morning.
Thank you Kelly for making this day so incredibly special xx

I'm 15 and having a baby with Down's

Thank you so much Kelly for helping me with my story. It's amazing and I'm very happy. I finally told it to the right person cant wait for others to see it. Thank you x

Workmate found me a family

Hi Kelly
Here are a few comments and thoughts I have had since my article was published last week:

I have been blown away with the reaction I have received to my article

Kelly and her team made me feel like I was being looked after and really cared about my story

The process has been extremely cathartic, helping me deal with things I have previously struggled with

I’m so glad I made the call to Photo Features and can’t recommend them highly enough

Speak soon

Hilary x

The Sun on Sunday

Hi Kelly

Saw the peace it's great! Good work hon xx

Sue Angold

Amazing - Kelly you are my "angel" I was not expecting to see a whole page, and very well written. The petition has been inundated this morning...wow.

Thank you so much.


Lindsey Mackenzie

Hi Kelly, hope you are well.

Thank you for the article, we've had so many positive comments.

Thank you again

Lindsey x

Sara Lewis

"I really liked the way the end of my story was written.  I hope it can save one person from the horror which can be caused by smoking"

I'd rather DIE than DIET

Hi Kelly,

I saw the That's Life article is out today...Looks Great!!!

by cosmetic surgeon Randy Simor of Meditours Hungary


Linda Newport

Dear Kelly, just a line to say a big thank you f or the magazine article - we have had so many people get in touch with us saying what a good job you had done putting kerry's case across and how hard its been for her family. A lot of people have stated they didn't realise how much Kerry had been through even though they knew she was ill, so you have really helped us as a family and for that I thank you. We are looking forward to seeing the new article in due course. 

Abortion Report

Thanks for including Philippa's story on today's Daily Mirror page. Your page is one of the only press reports I've read to give fair representation to each of the different perspectives on this issue.

Thanks again

Catherine Butcher
Head of Communications
Christian Medical Fellowship

Naomi Pritchard

" We were really proud to see our story printed in the Daily Mirror. We've been so happy with how you dealt with our story and the coverage we've had. We'd like you to carry on representing us because we want as many women as possible to read our story and protect themselves from becoming a victim of rape".

Pick Me Up magazine

Lisa Watling contacted Photo-Features to thank Kelly for helping her sell her real life health story. Lisa's relationship was saved when she sent shocking text pictures of her brain surgery to her ex. Her story appears in this weeks pick me up. ' Kelly was honest about what I could expect for selling my story and importantly she worked with me to tell my story in my own words. I was really happy with the finished article and proud to see my story in one of my favourite magazines. I really enjoyed the professional photo-shoot and was well as my payment, Kelly arranged for me to be sent copies of the photo-shoot which I love. I would recumbent anyone wanting to sell a real story to a woman's magazine speaks to Kelly first.

Telegraph: Tuly the Tortoise

Photo-Features loved this cute story about Tuly the Tortoise who had a wheel fitted to help her get around. Although are expertise is in placing real life stories to magazines, we can help you get publicity for any type of story. Tuly's story appeared in the Daily Telegraph and the Mail. If you have a quirky story you think might make a national newspaper please contact Photo-Features today.

Chat Magazine: I won't stop until your in hell

My story in Chat magazine really got the point over. If one person reads it and it helps them in any way it was worth it. No one should ever suffer the way I did from abuse.

Real People: Internet Romance Fraud

"Thanks for everything you have done in helping me publish my story. It was told in the
exact manner I wanted it to be and the extra money has really helped. Thanks again."

Dena x

Daily Mirror: We planned Cerri's 21st party.. but it became her funeral

Hi Kelly

Fantastic piece of writing. The sepsis story really gets the message out there. Thanks very much, the Gore family. xxx

The Daily Mirror: He's our £54,000 miracle baby

After reading my article in The Mirror, I was happy say it turned out perfect.

The Daily Mirror: I had to bury my own baby

 Hi Hun just read the story thank you so so much for doing it for me xx


The Daily Mirror: Leaving hospital empty-handed is the worst thing.

" Thank you so much, after talking to you things have really started to happen. I tried so hard to get national news coverage for my campaign, I even tried phoning the national newspapers myself but they weren't interested. But you were the only one who listened and I'm so pleased you got in touch."
For information about Sam's campaign please visit the following link.

The Sun: I got 90% burns and survived

At first I wasn't sure about telling my story but after meeting Kelly she assured me 
I would have full control. She took care of all media enquiries and made sure the 
articles were told in the sympathetic manner which I wanted.

Thank You Kelly

The Daily Mirror: Male domestic violence

My story had appeared in the local newspaper, until then I had no idea that I could earn money by talking about my experiences. I was getting a lot of media attention and Kelly was able to guide me through and make the best choices about which magazine and newspaper to go with.

Daily Mail: "Doctors said I'd had a miscarriage, but my baby was in my arms fighting for his life"

"I'd been desperate to tell my story about doctor's leaving my son to die since it had happened last year. Despite countless attempts no newspapers or magazines had taken any notice and I felt like giving up. It was then that I was contacted by photo-features and within 24 hours my story was front page of the Daily Mail and a double page spread in the Daily Mirror. The response was phenomenal and my local MP is now taking my case to Westminster. My Story is now due to appear in a National Woman's magazine and I'm in talks to appear on TV". I'm so glad Photo-features helped me finally get coverage for my story and it was told in the the way I wanted."

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Three great sstories out this week!

Photo-Feaures have three great real life stories out in top selling national magazines this week! It you have a story to sell contact us NOW!

Poppi-Mai marries her heart broken father

Pleased to be able to help with as much fundraising as possible for the brave beautiful Poppy-Mai.

Beef curry slimmer out in the Mirror today

Great spread out in the Mirror about slimmer Nicole Simpson who piled on 6 stone after craving beef curry during her pregnancy.

Leap year proposal

Love our proposal ladies in The Sun today - good luck Dana and Sophie - hope you both get a YES!